Even though 2020 is almost two whole months behind us, many businesses are still relying on eCommerce as their main (if not only) source of their business. Consumers have gotten so used to the convenience of buying online, and with the ongoing effects of the pandemic, many customers are still opting for online shopping.

As a business, it is essential to provide the best user experience for your customers so that they choose you time and time again. If their journey throughout your website or app is not enjoyable, they might think twice about shopping with you again.

Improve Your Customer’s Journey

Moreland Connect has the knowledge and experience needed to help your business thrive in this virtual age! We are well versed in developing eCommerce software and seamlessly integrating them with any other processing systems you use in your business.

One example of how business software integration can help you improve user experience is with online ordering. Say your customer goes to your website to buy a shirt, but they want to buy multiple. We could integrate your inventory software into your eCommerce platform so that your customers will know if an item is available and how many are available.

Likewise, it can be frustrating to find the perfect shirt and go through the whole process to find the right size and color; then you go to place the order only to find out that they are out, or the delivery won’t be for months.This is only one example of our software integration can help your business. Not only does this make your customer’s lives easier, resulting in repeat customers and more income, it also makes your job easier with automation!

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