Generative AI Technologies

Feeling overwhelmed by Generative AI Technologies and not sure where to start?

Generative AI technologies are rapidly changing how businesses operate.

97% of organizations acknowledge the impact of new generative AI technologies, but only 31% have invested in it.

Some organizations are having trouble deciding where to start with digital transformation. They are spending excessive time searching for ideal use cases. They are also contemplating complex technology solutions that could become obsolete rapidly.

MorelandConnect believes the safer, faster, and more effective approach is to get off-the-shelf Generative AI tools into the hands of the workforce to complete everyday tasks faster, such as drafting emails, summarizing meetings and searching for information. Get your workforce exercising the Generative AI muscle and they will help you discover how Generative AI tools can be extended to drive competitive advantage.

Unraveling the Mystery Behind Generative AI

Generative AI is rapidly changing how businesses operate, offering unprecedented capabilities to automate and enhance creative processes. This technology helps machines understand and create content such as text, image generation, or code. It does so in a way that closely resembles human creativity.

Despite the clear benefits of generative AI, a significant gap exists between recognition and investment. Many organizations hesitate to invest because of a lack of clarity on how to start and integrate these tools. People are concerned about choosing the right apps and not investing in AI because of the fear of it becoming outdated. Additionally, companies wrestle with the complexity of technology solutions that may seem daunting and resource-intensive.

The need for a robust framework acts to compound the hesitancy, ensuring compliance, data security and governance. Failing to safeguard sensitive data can result in security threats and damage to your reputation and credibility. Potential risks may deter organizations from taking the first step towards AI integration.

Safer, Faster, More Effective Approach to Generative AI

Integrating generative AI into daily tasks is a great way to get your organization started down the path of adopting Generative AI for competitive advantage. Automating tasks like writing emails and finding information can save time for employees to work on more important tasks. 

  • During the first phase of adoption, employees will become familiar with AI tools, reducing resistance and anxiety towards new technologies.
  • As employees become more skilled, they find new ways to use AI in their jobs. This can help them work more efficiently and gain a competitive edge.
  • And finally, as companies grow, they can use AI to find and use solutions that best fit their business needs. Organizations can start benefiting from generative AI by integrating it into everyday tasks. This is a practical and effective method.

Laying the Groundwork: Essential Steps Before Deploying Generative AI Technologies

Address data security as a critical concern before deploying generative AI tools within an organization. AI systems can inadvertently expose sensitive information, posing a real risk with severe consequences. Establish robust data governance and security protocols to protect against such breaches.

This involves not only technical solutions like access controls and encryption but also comprehensive training for employees on data handling procedures. Organizations must ensure that the AI tools they use comply with industry standards and regulations regarding data protection. By prioritizing data security, businesses can build a secure foundation for AI integration, fostering trust among stakeholders and preventing potentially damaging data leaks. The aim is to create a safe space for effectively using AI for business growth and innovation.

Free Generative AI Playbook for COSE members

MorelandConnect developed a Generative AI Implementation Playbook with detailed work plans, workshop agendas, reference and training materials to get your organization started. The playbook will guide businesses step-by-step through a pilot project to deploy Generative AI tools effectively. We are providing this playbook free of charge to help organizations get started on their journey.

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