The Nightmare….

At this very moment, you have a brilliant idea for software to support your business. You start your search for a low-investment software development team. You look locally and to off-shore and you find it… an off-shore software provider who has developers with all of the tech skills, low rates, and quick return. You place your trust in claims that they can deliver a low-cost, high-value solution. Be cautious…you are setting yourself up for nightmare. Moreland has been the solution for clients saddled with a foreign code base that does not work properly, has little support from the original developers, and no one to get the project over the finish line. If you are one of the fortunate ones who get your solution up and running, you may find that your off-shore partner isn’t interested in dealing with your minor enhancement requests or bug fixes. If you transition at this point, the lack of documentation and adherence to proper standards may force you to start over. From square one.

The Dream….

Imagine this… Unlimited support, boundless capabilities, timely access, and the best solution possible. No need to imagine, that’s what we do. Our ability to understand you, your industry, and your business is proven to be unsurpassed. With your idea and our team, we can navigate you to the solution that you’ve dreamed of.

Our teams in Cleveland and Nashville take great pride in our work to ensure you yield results from your software investment. We take your investment seriously. Our clients have seen that return time and again, so they continue to work with us for support and for their next brilliant idea. Our effort, communication, and energy from day one is unmatched, and it will make the process easy, manageable, and fun. We have the local context you need, and we go the extra mile to improve your solution as we build it. Together. Off-shore teams have their place. If your design is fully complete and you need a solution for demonstration purposes, you’ll likely pay a lower hourly rate to have your design translated into code. But if your custom software will be important to the success of your business, you need more. You need a partner who has done it before, who can understand your goals, share in your vision, and be at your side every step of the way. We have seen it… offshore work and outsourcing is nightmare lurking in the shadows.

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