Case Study: Risk LD

The United States, despite all our advances in medicine, remains near the bottom of developed countries in terms of maternal and infant mortality rates. The folks at University Hospitals noticed this problem ten years ago, and they started implementing some new best practices and standards of care within their hospital network, and they reduced their rates by six-fold.

As a result of their success with this technology, they decided to work with us at MorelandConnect to commercialize the technology to spread the solution.

How Moreland Helped

We developed important software to increase the health of infants and mothers during the labor and delivery process.

There are two reasons that cause negative outcomes in the labor delivery process.

One: the clinician’s lack of situational awareness.

Two: the staff is not up to date on the latest recommended evidence-based standard practices of care.

What the Software Does

The risk LP software hooks into the hospital systems, collects data for mother and baby, and then basically analyzes that data using the best practice algorithms developed by University Hospitals and ACOG, which is the main authority figure on best practices in the labor and delivery space.

As data flows in through the labor and delivery process in real-time, the Risk LD software is doing kind of “if this then” type analysis on that data coming in and providing early detection warnings, alerts of potential issues throughout the delivery process.

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