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Moreland Connect is a custom software development company in Akron, Ohio, founded to provide software solutions to businesses across many industries. One of our favorite product offerings is called the sidecar or fleet management software package, which allows better visibility and customer experience for many transportation or delivery service companies.

What is Fleet Management Software?

Improve Your Internal Operations

This software solution package allows a company that has mobile assets in the field to keep track of those assets. For example, your company has a fleet of trucks that delivers valuable packages to your customers. With the Fleet Management Software, you are able to see the location of your entire fleet at any given time with the GPS location, and in some cases, with real-time video sharing.

Improve Customer Experience

Not only is this a great benefit to your company, but it also provides a better customer experience. If you are delivering packages to customers, you can share a tracking number with them, and instead of them seeing an email that says the package will arrive today by 9 PM, they will be able to check-in and see where in the city their package is.

This reduces some of the guessing, waiting, and anxiety that some customers can feel waiting for their packages. It also helps improve security. If your customer wants to be home to receive the package to protect against theft, they can check to see how close their package is to being delivered. If they see that your truck is still a few cities over, they can run some errands and be back before the package is delivered.

Learn More About the Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking Software

If you are interested in learning more about our fleet tracking software to better your business and improve customer experience, contact us at MorelandConnect today!

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