Moreland Connect is an innovative software development and technology solution company that was founded to help business unlock their true potential through easy to use software connections! One service we offer to our clients to help them connect their data throughout their business is with enterprise application integration.

What is Enterprise Application Integration?

Every company has a series of core computing systems that they use to run their business, things like financial systems, operations systems, logistics systems, ordering systems. Each of these different systems within an organization has data that is needed by other systems to complete the whole puzzle for the business. Enterprise application integration allows you to take all of those different systems and connect them with data objects or functional business data objects that are required to run the business. It’s essentially a layer that sits on top of the core computing systems and allows them to all connect.

What Does this Process Look Like?

First, we learn all about your business so we can understand which core computing systems you use. We then work with you to create a way to connect all of these different systems to free up your business from the limits of endless data.

Learn More About Enterprise Application Integration

If you are struggling to connect your business between your different computing systems, Moreland Connect can help you connect your business! Contact us today to learn more!

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