It was a 90s thing. Microsoft released its MS-Access SQL database and custom application toolkit that allowed organizations to write, deploy, and self-manage PC-based custom software. And it was easy. The availability of MS-Access helped small businesses who were desperate to retire their unsupported green-screen AS/400 software. It also helped midsized businesses and departments of Fortune 1000s whose IT departments were not delivering solutions for rapidly changing needs.

Six Reasons to Get off MS-Access and on to the Cloud

As we approach 2017 and more businesses switch to cloud-based software solutions, MS-Access applications that many businesses rely on have become expensive to maintain and difficult to integrate. From security and flexibility to must-have features like mobile and remote access, here are six reasons your organization might need to start planning for a switch to the Cloud.

1. Security

Microsoft Access does not support encryption of sensitive data such as SSNs and credit card information. When your physical or network security is compromised, your most sensitive data is fully exposed. Well-architected cloud-based solutions provide unsurpassed physical, network, and encryption security.

2. It’s fragile, and the infrastructure is crumbling

Printers, networks, and even PC operating systems are making bits and pieces of your original database inoperable. Moreland Connect has seen it firsthand, and you can learn more about our cloud-based alternatives to MS-Access here.

3. Remote access

Today’s workers and business processes demand flexibility of data access. Internally hosted MS-Access solutions usually require a rudimentary (and unsecured) third party access solution. If you are using Microsoft Remote Desktop, gotomypc, or TeamViewer outside of a VPN, you need to take action.

4. Mobility

Check your order queue from the beach? Absolutely. Browser-based, web-responsive solutions can be securely accessed from mobile platforms, tablets, and PCs, adding a layer of convenience and flexibility for your organization.

5. Transacting commerce

For some organizations, the simple “tracking of information” tool grew into something bigger, where inventories and even customer orders are managed. This commerce typically requires rekeying of information. Low-priced ecommerce solutions can provide great value, but they don’t connect to MS-Access.

6. Integration

Aside from connecting with Microsoft Excel, moving data between MS-Access and other systems is cumbersome. A cloud-based SQL database provides many effective ways to import and export data to be shared with vendors, suppliers, and customers.

Wrap all of these growing issues in the blanket of “the gal who wrote this retired in 2012, but you can still call her for support,” and your business has a disaster waiting for you under one of your 2017 calendar pages.

What to Do About It

Smart businesses are using the cloud to host replacement solutions. Browser-based applications with cloud-hosted SQL databases provide secure, anywhere access to data and processes and require no infrastructure investment. Call Moreland Connect at 234-284-9788 to learn more about your options.

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