Software Development

MorelandConnect strives to give you the edge in your industry. We have years of expertise in nearly every industry where we have delivered that edge. With over 100 years of experience amongst our team we are able to adapt to new systems, integrate with existing software, use new resources and operate with unlimited capabilities to solve problems. We are always learning and that is why we are able to deliver a sound solution that best suits you and your end user.

App Development

Our app development team is unmatched and has delivered countless app solutions.

Data Migration

A seamless data migration we provide allows you to keep moving forward.

Software Integration

Don’t lose on your current investment, let us fine tune and integrate with existing systems

Custom API

Our custom API development allows you to go beyond what you thought was possible to bring your idea to life.

UI/UX Customization

Every industry is different. Let us tailor a design and interface to you and your end user for the best results.


Our Ecommerce experience allows us to deliver the best design, data, and Ecommerce solution to suit your business needs.

Software Development

We have built an all-star team of software engineers. We have experience in every industry and are capable of the impossible. We have built our reputation time and time again with astounding custom software using modern tools and resources that best suit you and your industry. Being a full stack software development company, we are able to problem solve anything thrown at us using some amazing tools and platforms

Let’s Get Started

Execution is built into MorelandConnect’s DNA. We help progressive organizations adopt modern processes, provide executive-level guidance, transform ingrained cultures, continuously deliver quality software, and build winning products.

Communicates quickly and efficiently. Finds solutions to questions and issues within a reasonable time frame. Can produce visions of customers.

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Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT)

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