Summer interns

Summer interns 2023

With the school year starting, we had to say goodbye to our interns as they return to campus for another school year. We had the pleasure of working with talented individuals and were thrilled with their contributions to MorelandConnect. Daniel Kolb (The Ohio State University) left us with a parting message summarizing our summer internship program.

“Hi, my name is Daniel Kolb. This was my first summer interning at Moreland Connect. Prior to coming to Moreland, my software experience was somewhat limited. So, during the spring semester, I made it my goal to learn the basics of Javascript, HTML, CSS, and C#. Having these coding fundamentals coming into Moreland greatly helped my success.
While at Moreland, I was put on a team with the other interns. Our project’s goal was to build a software from the ground up to create photorealistic renderings of real estate images. Upon getting my project assignment, I was very excited because the project sounded challenging and cutting edge. To implement the project’s frontend I had to learn a JavaScript framework called React. There was also quite the learning curve for me in api usage and backend logic. With some patience and help from my great co-workers, I become competent quickly.

To create photorealistic renderings, I implemented two main software packages: Stable Diffusion and Detectron2. Stable Diffusion takes an image of a room or house exterior and regenerates it based on a styling text prompt among other inputs. Detectron2 allows for object detection within images so as to target and change specific portions of an image. Long term, the team wants to create a public app that uses the software to allow for buyers, sellers, and contractors to connect, virtually renovate, and then actually renovate. Moreover, Justin and John said they would love if I would continue to help them work on this future business! All in all, I had a great summer with Moreland. The guys are a blast, and they truly live up to their mantra of “work hard, play hard.” These men are hilarious and professional. I can’t wait to continue working with them in the future!”

We wish Daniel, Jack and Matt all the best and hope we can continue to provide our future interns with opportunities, education and a great summer experience. For more information about MorelandConnect contact us today!

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