Moreland Connect uses a vast variety of tools in order to develop and deliver the best software to any industry. As of recent, Moreland has utilized the Mobiscroll tool. Moreland uses Mobiscroll for several different reasons and it has been nothing but helpful and efficient.

What is Mobiscroll?

Mobiscroll allows MorelandConnect to build better web and cross-platform apps with highly polished and customizable UI controls. Shipping framework agnostic components for plain Javascript and integrations for jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Angular, Ionic and React. Mobiscroll helps you make meaningful progress with great tools and on-time support to back it up.

Why Choose Mobiscroll –

Mobiscroll has a lot of great attributes, but MorelandConnect most enjoys the compatibility Mobiscroll has with other products. It makes it easy to work across multiple platforms and use multiple tools. On top of ease of use, it is also time and cost efficient which is another benefit to MorelandConnect and anyone else that uses it.

Why MorelandConnect likes Mobiscroll?

One of the main features MorelandConnect utilizes in Mobiscroll’s comprehensive library is their Event Calendar & Scheduler ( This tool has allowed the team to swiftly create and implement our very own calendar and scheduler for our clients. Another feature our software development team has through Mobiscroll, is the ability to customize specific components which is a highly valued feature. Mobiscroll’s documentation and customer support are top notch and the entire process has been a breeze. Mobiscroll is a highly recommended library for any client looking for a calendar or scheduling solution.

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