Does Moreland Connect Offer iOS App Design Consultations?

Yes, we do! We approach iOS App Design projects like we approach any of our projects, very data-driven and analytical. We start with a strategy session where we go through and answer some key questions: What are the problems we’re solving? Who are the users that would be using the iOS application? Does an iOS application fit into this overall strategy, or would a mobile-friendly site accomplish the goal? After this session, if we determine that an iOS application does fit within the overall strategy, then we go through a design process that fits the need of not only our customer’s approach for the project, but also their budget.

What Does the iOS Application Design Process Include?

We will work with flow charts, wireframes, even prototyping a sample version of the app to get in there and use it. For us, the most important thing when approaching iOS design is using the agile methodology. The agile methodology involves constant iteration and validating our assumptions. A lot of the time when you’re going through a design process, you get new information and learn new things, so you want to make sure you’re adapting to that new information. Making slight adjustments throughout the process is essential to ensure that the result is something that is useful and accomplishes the goals that we set out for at the start.

Moreland Connect Becomes a Part of Your Team

While we offer an initial consultation for all of our projects, we don’t just stop there. We involve you and your team every step of the way and approach your software or app project as our own. We strive to accomplish your goals and deliver on a product that is exactly what you set out for and more!

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