When insurance companies want to insure a property and write insurance policies, they need to have the buildings inspected. This allows them to determine the condition of the property and evaluate the risks and hazards. So, they hire professional inspectors to get the job done.

Our client, JMI, is one of the largest inspection companies in the United States. They work with insurance companies all over the country. For the longest time, they relied on antiquated processes to document and record their data.

The inspectors wait till they are called to a site, go out with a digital camera and some paper for their inspections, but then they would have to upload all of the information at the end of the day.

This process took too long, and the manual entry of the data left a lot of room for error. They needed to increase their speed of delivery, quality, and accuracy. They needed automation.

How Moreland Connect Can Help Automate Business

We built a mobile app JMI a very advanced mobile app that solved all of their problems.

Schedulers could easily see which inspector was closest and available for a job. Alert the inspector through the app. Then the app will map out their route. Once on-site, the app will ask all the questions and allow them to take pictures and enter notes all on their phone. When they’re done, they hit send, and it’s done. No rework, no mistakes!

We also wrote some code that gave JMI access to aerial photos of the sites and allowed them to map out the property; before that, they used to have to send out and have somebody else do it by hand.

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