As a software development company and consulting agency, Moreland Connect is the solution for businesses that need to make their processes more streamlined. Our mobile app development is a great way to help improve onboarding processes, on the job processes, and your overall business!

Improve Your Workflow and Productivity with Mobile Apps

We have helped many businesses improve their internal processes through the use of custom mobile app development. We get to know their business and see the areas where they need improvements. Once we have an idea of how our experience and skills can help, we get to work building the solution. For example, we had a client whose business required employees to visit properties. Their processes were very manual and time-consuming, and, with over 1,000 field workers, they were wasting a lot of time and other resources.

We were able to develop a field app for them to convert all of those manual processes into a few clicks on their app. This not only helped save time and money, but it also made onboarding new employees effective and efficient. We even integrated turn-by-turn directions into the app, so the field workers knew exactly where they were going!

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If you are interested in improving your internal processes by eliminated manual work, and connecting your business through a mobile app, contact us today at MorelandConnect!

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