We know that it can be hard to find and keep experienced, hard-working people who have the passion and drive that you need for your business. At Moreland Connect, we use our STEAM approach to ensure that we have the best software development team with the experience needed to provide the best custom software services to you!

STEAM is a five-step approach that we use for hiring and personal growth within our company.

Sled Dog-

  • Hard-working

  • Works with a team to get the job done without being asked, and sometimes taking the lead

  • Keeps pulling even when thing get tough or uncomfortable

  • Sometimes must do the work no one else wants to do


  • Easy to work with

  • Easy to talk to

  • Easy to hang out with

  • Dependable. No surprises

  • Comes armed with answers to problems

Team First-

  • Not always about “me”

  • Puts the team first

  • Share credit where it’s due

  • When a job is done, it is “we did it.” Not “I did it” even if it’s not completely true

  • The blame belongs to you; the glory belongs to everyone

Attitude to Win-

  • Not always “win at all costs” but always positive

  • Always believe that it can get done and we can win

  • Understands the importance of losing now and then


  • Thinks of others

  • Figures out what motivates people

  • Asks questions

  • Remembers the answers

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Each of the STEAM steps allows us to provide you with the high-quality, custom software development that you need. If you need the best available software technology and want to learn more about our STEAM approach and how it benefits you, contact us today!

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