At Moreland Connect, we develop software and applications to improve our client’s processes. When building out these solutions, it is always important to keep the end-user in mind, but it is also essential to think about the back-end where data is flowing and stored.

The Balance Between User Experience and Data Performance

One of the big things that many developers tend to lose sight of when developing an application is what will be happening behind the scenes, so to speak. There are a lot of pieces that go into the performance of the app, and as they are stacking functionality for the sake of the end-user, the control layers of the app can get bogged down.

At Moreland Connect, we specialize in breaking down the core fundamental parts within those access layers to really figure out what we can squeeze out of those for performance.

We analyze anything that we can do to make the front-end and back-end work in tandem. A great looking and functional front-end with slow data access can end up causing incurred costs, the need for additional server resources, and other unnecessary blocks because of poorly written code.

If we adopt a software system, we are looking at the missed opportunities that previous developers might have overlooked.

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