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At Moreland Connect, we help a large variety of industries, including the medical industry, improve their workflow and productivity by building them custom software solutions designed to solve their needs.

Custom Dashboard for Labor and Delivery Hospitals

The project we are highlighting in this video is a great example of how we are able to help our customers get the custom software solutions they need to better their processes.

A few years ago, we were contacted by a large teaching hospital that was struggling with keeping their vast amounts of data entries organized and easily accessible. They know what they need to do with all the hospital data that’s available, but it’s difficult to get it because it comes from a variety of sources.

As a solution, we designed and built a dashboard and a software package that gathers data from the hospital systems, which then processes it through the algorithm that they’ve designed and helps the doctors make better faster decisions.

Need a Custom Software Solution?

We have many years of experience developing custom software solutions with the medical industry and many other industries. Contact us today if you are interested in learning more about this project, other projects, or to see how Moreland Connect can help your workflow and productivity!

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