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Moreland Connect provides custom software solutions in almost every industry you can think of because one thing all of these industries have in common is the need for core computing systems. So, things like accounting packages, sales packages, operations, manufacturing, planning, logistics. Those core systems have to transact things from customers and make communication between the company and customers seamless.

Make Your Company More Effective with Custom Software

What we do is we help companies connect with their core computing systems to allow the people in those companies to have an easier time doing their job, be more effective at what they do, and serve their customer base better.

Our process starts off the same with every client, no matter the industry. We always have a kick-off meeting and workshop so we can identify the problem they are experiencing and get to know their needs and wants.

Once we have identified the struggles our clients are having, we can start to develop a plan of action. We begin creating strategic initiatives and write a lot of code, do a lot of data work, and a lot of integration work that support technology initiatives, which supports the strategic vision.

Building Trust with Our Clients

Our main focus is building trust with our clients right from the get-go because it helps support the project from start to finish because every project follows the same progression…

Creating technology can take some time, and during this creation process, clients can sometimes feel like they paid all of this money for no deliverable assets. We call this the Valley of Despair.

However, we reassure our clients that we are hard at work, and it does take time to develop the perfect system to solve all of their issues.

This is why we focus so much on building trust with our clients right from the start and keep them as informed as possible throughout the entire process. A lot of time, energy, and other resources go into the beginning of this process from both sides, but it is worth it in the end.

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If you are struggling to find a software solution for your company’s core computer system, Moreland Connect is to provide you with top-quality custom software development. You can contact us today or learn more about our products and services by visiting our website.

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