Mobile App Development: Customer Case Study and Demo related to App Development and Mobile Application

Customer Overview and Background

The customer we are highlighting in this case study is one of North America’s largest verified underwriting insurance companies. Like many of the companies we work with, they were a mature and established business who relied on manual and outdated processes to do business.

They realized that with the evolution of mobile technology that they could really enhance their workflow. That’s when they approached Moreland Connect for a solution using mobile technology to improve their workflow, performance, and processes.

The Issue

When someone purchases a property, whether residential or commercial, and they’re getting a new insurance policy, they’ll outsource the inspection of that insurance to our partner. And our partner will go and, in turn, work with a network of individuals who are inspectors to fulfill that inspection.

As you can imagine, before the rise of mobile technology, it was difficult to manage this widespread network of inspectors. They were still doing a lot of pen and paper tracking and then manually uploading information into their system.

The Solution

What we did is create a mobile application where they could dispatch jobs to the insurance inspectors, and then they could streamline the information to save time and eliminate errors.

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