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Customer Case Study: HOW M-I

HOW M-I is an app and a back-end dashboard to help manage COVID risk. We worked with three other companies to create an app that could help reduce the spread of the virus by assessing if people had the virus or not – right from their phones.

The app would be ideally used in a setting with a large population of people, such as a college campus. Each student and faculty member would have the app, and it would prompt them each day to take a short survey.

The app would ask them how they’re feeling on any given day and check-in before they start to interact with anyone else on campus. Then they hold their camera to their face to detect their blood oxygen saturation level, respiratory rate, and heart rate to determine if they might have COVID.

The data would then run through an algorithm developed by a university in Europe who gives us a risk score based on some of that original empirical data. All of this information is securely stored!

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