We have been hard at work since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic building an application to help keep people safe and give them the peace of mind they need during this unprecedented time.

We’re building a complex COVID health app that helps to do two things: 1 Shorten the list of people who need to be tested. 2 Giving comfort to the users to know what their risks are based on who they may have interacted with, how they’re feeling, and what some of their vitals are.

Where Can This App Be Helpful?

This app will be extremely helpful to keep people safe in larger areas such as airports, sporting events, large businesses, and schools. However, this app will be available to anyone who wants to add that extra layer of security and peace of mind into their business.

How Does the App Work?

There are three components that make this app work:

Symptom Management:

A questionnaire that addresses how you’re feeling and where you might have traveled. We automated that with an international university that has the world’s leading symptom management and assessment tool.

Tracing and Contact Management:

We worked with another university to create our tracing management. Your phone can anonymously connect with other people’s phones around you and share the data about your likelihood to have come into contact with someone who was positive for COVID. You are given a score that will determine your risk of having contracted the virus.

Visual Vital Checks:

We have also integrated a product into the app that can connect with your camera and scan your face to determine some key indicators. With a quick 45 second scan of your face, the app will be able to tell the likelihood of you having COVID.

There are two universities, three development firms, and a start-up working together to make this app a reality. Our goal is to help combat this pandemic and provide the tools we need to help keep each other safe.

Learn More About the COVID Health App

If you are interested in learning more about this app or our capabilities, contact us today!

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