Moreland Connect can help bring your great idea to life. If you have a great idea that requires custom software that can help your business or help your clients, Moreland Connect can get the job done. As we continue to find new and innovative ways to develop software, we also discover new projects along the way. One of those new projects is our latest, which is titled, Bee Culture.

What Is Bee Culture?

Bee culture is the American magazine for beginning beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, and national beekeepers. We post information about how to upkeep with these different types of structures pertaining to beekeeping. Bee Culture is currently in our Azure Web Services after migration from physical hardware and servers.

Our client who utilizes this new platform produces a magazine on a monthly basis. It goes out and reaches nearly 40,000 people. Moreland also delivers a digital version of that paper copy. Then we can take the paper copy, migrate it into a digital copy and then upload the slides so it’s easily accessible on the client’s site as well.

Working Together At Moreland Connect

This project may be headlined by Moreland Connect, but we are working with partners and clients to ensure proper product delivery. We currently use Subscription Genius, which is a magazine management software, which we rely on ourselves and the client to get through the project and deliver to the people. We assist our clients by helping them manage that system for any errors that may come up. We also utilize our MailChimp service.

Find Out More About Bee Culture

Check out our website for more details about this new and exciting project. Also, check out our website for all things Moreland Connect.

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