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Custom Application Development for Coroners

This week, we are sharing one of our recent projects with a local county coroner. This team was running their operations through an Excel Spreadsheet, which as you can imagine, left a lot of room for error and rework.

They came to us in need of an easy-to-use solution that would increase their productivity and provide accurate reporting.

Mobile Application Development

We built this client a custom mobile app that they could use on the scene for fieldwork photos, notes, etc. This eliminated the rework of documenting the scene and then transferring the notes later.

Within the app, there are tremendous reporting capabilities for all of that data so everyone can always be on the same page, no matter where they are.

Why Choose Moreland Connect?

We take the time to learn about our customer’s business, and oftentimes our customers will ask us for two or three things. And then, once we get engaged with them and start to really understand what they’re doing, we can offer our knowledge, insight, and expertise from all the other industries that we work in. And oftentimes, we’ll bring additional value and new ideas that they haven’t thought of.

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