Apps are changing the way we view the world. They are making it easier to communicate, stay in the know, have fun, and so much more. All of the advancements in the app development world are based on trends that are set each and every year.

In 2021, we have already seen a lot of updates and advancements as a result of the trends listed below.

What are some new trends in the iOS world?

1. 5G

The introduction of the Fifth-Generation wireless cellular network (5G) has opened the door for faster, higher-quality content on our phones. This is going to be beneficial for sure, but the users won’t see a whole lot here other than enjoying faster speeds.

2. Security

There are so many changes and requirements for iOS app development that are being made to protect people’s privacy.

For example, with our work in Covid tracking, we can help people stay healthy while keeping their information safe by anonymously storing and maintaining information.

3. Usability

Everyone is using apps now, from young children playing on their parents’ phones to the elderly. With such a wide age range using iOS applications, it is essential that we offer flexible usability and accessibility features to ensure ease of use no matter the age of the user.

Why Choose Moreland Connect for iOS App Development?

We are always adapting and implementing new strategies and technology, especially in our app development processes.

Over the last 18 months, Moreland Connect has really become the premier developer in iOS, blockchain, A.I., and custom apps from Toronto to New York to Chicago to Charlotte.

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