Unified Code for Cohesive Technology

One of the biggest things that we saw evolve in 2020 was a push for unified code bases and cross-platform development. This push for shared architecture stemmed from the development of technology such as .NET Core, react technologies, and front-end technologies, which bridge the gaps between the different architectures and frameworks that we’re working in.

There’s no longer the disparate spread of web-based applications versus mobile app development versus server applications. All of these are starting to move towards this trend of unified code and reusable code over their structures.

Why is Unified Code Valuable?

It speeds up development cycles, keeps code more consistent over the separate environment. So, we’re ultimately delivering cleaner, better, faster code for the clients, with quicker turnarounds.

In the past, we would have to develop all of these individual pieces separately, sometimes with other teams. This would lead to longer turnarounds, more errors, less communication between technologies, and so much more.

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